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we would love to be able to list (along with photos) all of those creative and exciting professionals that are working at the q/c… but we can’t! there are just two people. maybe someday more, but maybe not. we all like to stay unencumbered by walls and forms. so, we will just continue to depend on those other talented people with whom we Face and Tweet and Link and sometimes just hang with. for a complete list, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with a $50 handling fee, and we will make sure you get it before the new year becomes the old year (fast away the old year passes).

J T, principal. 
J T returns to the self-employment ranks after seven years as communication director for the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon. J T was immersed in all forms of communication during that time including phones (cell and systems), copiers, computers, tablets, pads, databases, OSes of all sorts, networks (lan and wan), and a few chipmunks and birds. he is unbelievably happy to leave that behind and re-focus on design, websites, and consulting. he can be persuaded to consult about the other things, but you better have a good brew pub in mind.

Tracy, organizer.
Tracy has an incredible talent in organization, which is good because that is not on J T’s list of accomplishments. event planning, organizational details, client interface, hand-holding, website oil-changes, and other very esoteric stuff are just a few of her abilities. if you want to know what J T is talking about, ask her.

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