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at the q/c, we are exclusively WordPress website designers/developers. for the uninitiated that means that we use the open source developed blogging platform and make custom websites.

WordPress was originally offered as an easy way for anyone to put up a personal or company website that had some basic pages and a blog section. it wasn’t the only blog platform at the time, but its open source, yet organizationally supported code, made it instantly popular with developers. as long as they conformed to standards, they could make plugins and themes to their heart’s content. this ease of customization was also vastly popular with users and designers. soon, WordPress was all over the world and it is now one of the most popular development platforms.

the q/c will deliver innovative solutions for all your online communication needs. After thoroughly analyzing your unique goals, our team will formulate a rock-solid strategy then carry it out for maximum impact.

Whether you require secure online transactions or just a few self-manageable pages, we can provide a custom Web solution tailored to your particular needs.

We can also manage and/or host your site after the develop/build phase. While you may feel quite capable of maintaining and adding to your site’s content, you might be a little concerned about keeping it up-to-date with the constant updates, upgrades and security concerns that keep web hosts up at night.

Whatever shape your website needs take, the q/c is here to help.

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