push to play

begin. that is all, just begin.

begin to think. begin to walk. begin to create. begin to work your soul.

when you are hiding from it you cannot think. you can barely breathe.

creation is a dream. darkness is daytime.

So, live your remodeled life.

Study the foundation. Examine the composition of the concrete that is underneath. Find the basis, the strength, to build upon.

Look at the beams and the posts. What kind of load will they take? Can they be built upon or do they need replacing.

Feel the walls and the studs beneath them. Pound on the joist and the rafters. Can you hear the heart of the wood? Does your hammer bounce back or does it fall feebly with a thud.

If you have entered the fear, if you have let the shakes wash over you, if you have shivered in the not knowing, you will do more than survive.

You will build.

Live your remodeled life.

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