smells like work here!

now we start putting the pieces together.

you came to us because we can do things you can’t. or you don’t have time for. or whatever. but that does not mean you are not responsible for the outcome. communication is the key here. constant communication.

sure, we’re the pros, but you know what you want. all we know is what we want to give you. that could be good…or not. the only way to know is to use the old can and string. well, email might be better. or a text. or maybe an actual phone call. or, even, heaven help us, a meeting!

you want a design…you get a proof

you want a website…you get a testing site

you want a dog…you get a visit to the Humane Society

not sure what that has to do with anything, but this is the grind it out phase. sometimes it’s a slog and sometimes it’s a hundred meter dash. in any case, it is exciting. and exhausting. and fraught with peril.

at every step of the way, we work with you to define, refine, and deliver what you envision.

then, a good shower before we go here.

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