listening and learning

first things first: before q/c can even start on your project, we need to really understand what makes your organization (company, NGO, non-profit, faith-based group, etc.) tick (or tock, whatever).

we will ask a ton of questions up front. we want to understand your brand, your identity, why you do what you do. ultimately, working this way, we will deliver a solution that will capture your organization’s essence and appeal directly to your intended audience.

getting ready for this process is kind of like getting ready for a test. we don’t want it to be a pop quiz though. you know the answers already, you just haven’t asked yourself the questions.

so here’s what you do. sit down, with yourself, with your crew, with your anam cara, with whomever you need to get to your own soul, and write it down. write down who you are (or think you are). write down why you want what you want.

and, dream big. don’t hold yourself back. forget about cost. forget about time. don’t try to solve problems that we are here to help with.

you give that to us and we will read it and digest it and then do it again.

then we go here.

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