I can't think of a good reason!

As we start 2017, social media feels decidedly less tingly and more prickly than those heady days of 18 months ago. Social media feels more like warfare and less like a cozy friendship.

Today, in a fit of what can only be called insanity, I made a presentation on the “Whys of Social Media.” I hunted down and stole most of the content. Well…maybe not stole so much as paraphrased, quoted, and generally messed with. Anyway, it was as well received as it could have been. I did have a lot of help with content suggestions, proof-reading, and stuff like that. Also, the group had a lot of great comments and suggestions. I hope they will share them here as well.

I have linked that presentation here [Why use social media]. Feel free to download and abuse it.

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