great design is a result of love, sincerity, courage, and decision. which is sort of a paraphrase of Frank Lloyd Wright. the point is, that you don’t get there without commitment. the q/c is committed to great design solutions, both for you and for us.

what kind of design work does the q/c do?

websites for one thing.

oddly enough, you don’t just bash together some pages and call it good. if we are not helping to create your brand from the ground up (which we love to do, BTW), we at least take a good hard look at your brand – your identity – and use it to inform the look of your site.

publications for another.

To communicate your organization’s vital information, the q/c creative team can develop and produce top-notch publications, including:

  • Annual reports
  • Catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Product specification sheets
  • Seminar packets

We’ll team up with you to simply design a template, to create the entire piece from start to finish…or anything in between. Just let us know where the gaps are and we’ll fill them in.

branding & identity is another kind of design work.

graphically articulating your company’s distinctive personality and market differential is what we do best. whether you’re after an ultra-conservative or super edgy look, the q/c will create the design most reflective of your true identity. there are lots of opportunities for focusing your brand that run from the basic business package (cards & letterhead) to signage to ads.

across all printed and electronic media, the q/c team will ensure the continuity of your organization’s identity – the true reflection of who you are and what you do.


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