creative services

just some graphics help please

yes, the q/c is good with design, but often what you really need is just some minor changes to your brochure or a card to mail to clients about one thing or another. That is what our graphic services is all about.

call us for a complete needs assessment. we will work as partners to determine your optimal level of service.

On an ongoing basis, we provide the services that support your communication needs:

  • Identity maintenance and refinement
  • Vendor coordination and management: printers of all types, photographers and videographers, web hosts and communication providers, signage providers: interior, exterior and other architectural resources
  • Central online and archival storage
  • Electronic file transmission to: media, vendors, and your staff
  • In-house and online management, creation, and development of forms and documents
  • Intranet development for in-house communication

as close as the next cubicle, we work to fulfill your ongoing brand identity needs.

a special service for non-profits

more and more, the organizations that serve others find themselves with budgets that get increasingly lean. the cost of the services they need get dearer and dearer. even hiring and maintaining highly skilled and trained personnel can be a crazy pursuit.

the q/c model of hourly charged services is ideal for assisting non-profits of all types in keeping costs down. we charge only for the work we do and we do it fast.

our long-standing relationships with a variety of skilled creatives and vendors means that you can count on your projects being the best quality as well as the lowest cost.